Blue Mango Interactive is convinced that an integrated approach to all Online Marketing is the only way to delivers the best results. We also believe that ROI should not be evaluated by last click, but across all channels.


Blue Mango Interactive believes in the synergy between different channels and has the tools and experience to determine the right media mix for any sales, branding or retention campaign.

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The entire creative process, from concept to design, is carried out by professionals. Our Designers and Developers are specialized in creating various banner formats and rich media communications as well as viral videos, widgets and complete campaign websites. In addition, our CRO specialists focus on optimizing the content and funnels.

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Data is a means, not an end. Using Data Science, we extract value from (big) data. Our data scientists develop smart algorithms and uncover complex relationships between media engagement and sales. Therefore, Data Science is a crucial component within Blue Mango Interactive for achieving maximum performance for our clients.

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Our strategists advise clients on the most efficient design for their online campaigns. Close collaboration between all departments ensures that the client’s vision can be quickly transformed into a concrete and effective campaign.

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