The entire creative process, from concept and design to optimization is carried out by the professionals at Blue Mango Interactive. In addition, CRO ensures that the user experience and the call to action can be optimized at any time.

Branded Content

Using relevant content that inspires, informs or entertains, brands can build a relationship with their (potential) customers. The brand can be linked to editorial content on external websites or content can be produced by the brand itself. Our specialists handle the strategy, procurement, optimization and analysis of branded content, always aiming for the best brand performance.


Whether it is about a “simple” banner or an activation campaign, for effective interactive communications you need insight into online behavior, media and a strong creative idea. Blue Mango Interactive calls the synergy between these three elements “Data-Driven Creation”.


The Development team is the driving force behind Blue Mango’s marketing. Together with our designers, they tackle a wide variety of projects, from landing pages and (re)marketing scripts to making dynamic HTML banners and developing advanced and innovative tools – always using the latest technologies.


CRO optimizes websites and online advertisement by applying psychological principles and improving the user experience. The specialists use various methods like surveys, heatmaps, A/B- or MV-tests and personalization to achieve this. In 2015, BMI and her customers were awarded 8 times during the American WhichTestWon awards*.

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