Throughout the process of optimizing every aspect of marketing from creation to media buying, data plays a crucial role. Blue Mango Interactive loves using technologies, new opportunities and strategies to achieve even better performance.

Data Science

With Data Science, we extract value from (big) data. Our data scientists develop smart algorithms and uncover complex relationships between media engagement and sales. At Blue Mango Interactive, Data Science is a crucial part of achieving maximum performance, from doing research at the strategic level to tools for real-time applications in online advertising.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics takes care of the complete implementation of web analytics on a client’s website. Together, we will look at your primary objectives and KPIs are and how they can be measured. Once this information is collected, it can be used to set up automated reports that provide greater insight into the results.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Marketing Mix Modeling isolates the effect of every individual media campaign on sales / branding metrics. These effects can be used to simulate the impact of future media activities. Using Marketing Mix Modeling, we get a closer look at consumer behavior and are able to determine the optimal media spend / ROI by medium type.


To optimize the conversion rate and user experience, we perform multivariate tests to determine the optimal content and conversion. In addition to setting up multivariate testing, qualitative research is conducted to get an understanding of consumer behavior. With this information, we can apply the appropriate persuasion techniques to achieve maximum results.

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