Blue Mango Interactive works with various specializations within the online media mix. Every specialization requires a certain level of knowledge to be able to make good decisions regarding campaign optimization. By making people responsible for one specialty, we can be more innovative.


The SEA team maximizes your branding and/or sales results for Google AdWords, Bing Ads and more. The team employs a unique SEA strategy (developed in-house) for maximum control over the deployment of your ads. In addition to regular SEA ads, the team also handles optimization of Search Partners, Shopping, Remarketing, Maps/Local, etc.


Google continues to demand more from your website. The SEO team keeps up with the latest developments and advises you on increasing your organic results by improving your online authority. The right mix of website referrals, technical performance and valuable content increases your reach.


Blue Mango Interactive has taken the lead in this dynamic field from the very beginning. We see programmatic buying as the means to make customer-centric marketing actionable by achieving true 1-to1 messaging. Blue Mango Interactive does not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, but in differentiation combined with best-in-class advertising technology.

Media Buying

The Reserved Display specialists are experts in planning, purchasing and deploying campaigns. Close cooperation with networks means decisions can be made quickly. We are constantly looking at the performance of these efforts to see where, depending on the goal or target audience of a campaign, they can be optimized.


The affiliate specialists work with you to expand the success of your affiliate program. Through intensive collaboration between you, the affiliate and specialists from Blue Mango Interactive, we work towards optimal results with a focus on the fit between the product and the advertiser.


Advertising on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can support your direct response goals, as well as strengthen your brand experience and support your existing community management efforts. Our Social Advertising Specialists have an expert understanding of the entire social domain, and especially potential advertising opportunities.

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