Unique Approach

Innovation, dedication and fun. Three words that sound like a cliché, but embody who we are. The drive to always explore new opportunities. The commitment to achieve maximum results. The thrill and pleasure of playing in the Champions League of digital marketing.

1. We're no one-night stand

At Blue Mango Interactive we don't go for short-lived relationships. We are convinced that you can only understand each other if you know each other well. Combined with customers that have online ambitions, we create the conditions for a successful cooperation.

2. There were once ...

Two young guys with a vision: mobile phones should be sold on the internet. We are talking about the nineties here. In 5 years we made Typhone.nl of one of the largest online telecom shops in the Netherlands, and other companies started to notice our knowledge and expertise. The start of Blue Mango Interactive.

3. DNA

E-commerce is in our blood. The mentality that every euro must produce two euro has not changed. It does not matter whether you sell products or have a marketing budget. What you invest in should always be profitable and have a positive return. And to know how to do this smartly you have to measure. This is exactly why data and analytics are so important to us, and we implement this with every customer, before anything else.

4. Excellent execution. Always and everywhere.

A strong brand and media strategy is a good start, but not enough. If you want the best results, you should execute that strategy brilliantly. The perfect synergy between all the different parts make the difference. Strive for excellent execution. Always and everywhere.

5. Where the smartest people live

According to Forbes*, we are among the smartest people in the world. Eindhoven has the TU/e, The Design Academy and Tilburg University around the corner, and is the perfect breeding ground for smart people. Every year, some of these smart people come and work for us, or graduate through GHG Labs.

* http://www.forbes.com/worlds-15-most-inventive-cities

6. Why 'fun' is important to us

We have three core values: innovation, dedication and fun. That last one might be the most important. Work should be fun. Only when you have fun, you can see the challenge in everything and accomplish extraordinary things. According to us, this is the reason why we have a strong group of regular employees and highly educated people that like to work with us.

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