Technology is the enabler behind any online marketing campaign. Blue Mango Tech develops marketing applications for the most effective and optimal data, media and content. For ourselves, but also for international agencies and brands.


Blue Mango Interactive believes in Real Dynamic advertising, meaning the ad dynamically adjusts depending on the context, momentum or individual viewer. That is why Blue Mango Interactive developed LemonPi. Technology combined with data science gives marketers and designers the ability to turn annoying advertisements into relevant service.


The world of advertising is becoming increasingly mobile, but the majority of display advertising is still Flash-based, despite the fact that it doesn’t work well on mobile devices. Splash! is a tool developed in house that gives designers the ability to script, animate and develop HTML5 banners directly in Photoshop.


Blue Mango Interactive’s 15 years of online marketing expertise has been translated into a technical platform that makes the online marketing process transparent and actionable. BAAS (Blue Mango As A Service) is a platform that reveals the costs and revenue of all campaigns across all channels. BAAS is the first online marketing execution platform available on the market.

Qubit Opt-in

Blue Mango Interactive has developed a new opt-in script on top of the standard Qubit opt-in solution to introduce a number of improvements. The most important updates include removing the iFrame to make styling easier and the addition of a cross-domain opt-in option.

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